1. Position: ISO Staff
  • Quantity: 01 person
  • Job description: Responsible for managing the ISO quality management system (ISO 9001, 17025, 14001, 45001, …) including the following tasks:
    • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the system.
    • Coordinate with related departments to ensure compliance with procedures and required documentation.
    • Evaluate influencing factors and implement preventive measures.
    • Plan and report weekly and monthly work results to update the Department Head.
    • Responsible for system assessment by certification organizations and internal evaluations.
  • Job requirements:
    • Gender: Female
    • Educational background: Graduated from relevant majors at university level.
    • Language proficiency: English (listening, speaking, reading specialized documents).
    • Office computer skills: Word processing and formatting, spreadsheet and statistical analysis on Excel, presentation creation on PowerPoint.
    • Experience: 1-3 years
    • Salary: Negotiable.
  1. Position: NDT Technician
  • Quantity: 20 people
  • Job description: Perform quality inspection of welds using non-destructive testing (NDT) methods such as liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, etc.
  • Job requirements:
    • Gender: Male
    • Good health to serve projects and plants in different areas.
    • Graduated from university or college with majors in mechanical engineering, engineering, maritime, etc.
    • Personal traits: Honest, enthusiastic, eager to learn, compliance with labor discipline, sense of responsibility.
    • No experience required. Candidates will be trained in NDT according to international standards such as ASNT and ISO 9712.
    • Priority given to candidates with Level 1 or Level 2 certification according to SNT-TC-1A or ISO 9712 and NDT experience. These candidates will have higher income opportunities, training, and work in the leading NDT environment in Vung Tau.
    • Candidates with English proficiency and the ability to understand specialized documents, proficient in office computer skills (Word, Excel, AutoCAD, …), will be preferred.
  • Salary: Negotiable.
  1. Position: NDT Project Coordinator
  • Quantity: 03 people
    1. Job content: Project management, coordination, and assignment of work for project personnel, working directly with customers, performing radiographic interpretation (RI).
    2. Workplace: Phu My, Vung Tau City, and the company’s office in Vung Tau City.
    3. Working time: Full-time or project-based contract.
    4. Requirements: Experience in similar management roles or the ability to manage a team.
  • Salary: Negotiable.

Application submission address: Street No. 7, Dong Xuyen Industrial Park, Rach Dua Ward, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province.

Contact information: (+84) 2543 626 595

Email: info@candt.com.vn

Website: http://candt.com.vn

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